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eminem s songs you know?

how much people knowEminem?and who like the guys songs?



I think a lot of people all around the world know him) First time I heard him I was 13 years old. And still I love to listen to his songs from time to time. My favourite songs are: lose yourself, cleanin' out my closet, without me...=) that's it


i  like eminem because his songs are just like poetry

  in my high school there's more than a 1000 pupils and they all know him


In my opinion everybody knows Eminem even in Armenia. And it's not unfair because his songs are really exciting. Especially I like "Not afraid" and "Love the way you lie" with Rihanna.

I'm a big fan of Eminem. His rap is among the best. I've been listening to the song The Lighters, which is very inspiring.

Not a fan either but Stan is a great song.

Eminem song is so nice faster say words is so nice

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