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arranged marriage


in my country almost all the people marry without love (arranged marriage)

but i think this kind of marriage makes nonsence because you don't get to enjoy the beautiful moments with the one that you love

what about you , what is you point of you when it comes to arranged marriage?



I know someone who had an arranged marriage and is very happy with her husband and their three beautiful daughters. Perhaps the difference is that it wasn't her parents' decision, it was hers - she asked her father to find her a husband he approved of, knowing that he would choose a decent and kind man. Sometimes I feel like I should ask my father to do this and save me the time and energy.

I think it's hard for people to answer honestly if they have no experience of the situation. For example, I know this happens in the UK but I do not know of it personally. What I am against are child brides and anyone who is forced to marry within their own family.

As an Arab woman myself, I do not approve that kind of marriage. Even if it's not considered forced, it's still some kind for matual interest between families, status, and all ''materialistic'' things which is wrong!

We're in the 21st century and these kind of marriages still exist and i find it kind of sad... 

It has its postives and negatives, but its negatives are more! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course, some who have an experience in arranged marriages know better for sure! But for me as am arabic women, i find them too much and the families end up pressuring the married couple into doing things they are not interested in doing like having children, blah blah blah!

Anyhow, i see it happening everywhere and my hope is to stop these traditional non-sense believes! 

i don't agree about that pressureed into a marriage, but introduced to know other people and decided by yourself if he or she can be the Mr. right in your life, it's ok and i very recognized about this way....

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if you find the love so marry him or her .....if you have no time of love you are so busy in your life so arrange marriage...........but think that our parents think about him or her for arrange marriage that he or she will spend good life togather .........but we better to know that we spend the life ...and how we spend 

That would not fly over with me. I would be very upset if my parent's told me who to marry.

I used to think that that is generally a bad idea. But then, when I realise, my grampa and grandma had an arranged marriage, and I've never seen anyone to be so in love as they were. Personally, I doubt that kind of marriage is as bad as people think it is. Like the girl that commented above, I sometimes want to ask my dad to find me a good man, because I don't want to trouble myself with it that much, but considering how people are (and how they behave) in my country, I'd rather go looking myself. 

I Like Love Marriage....Awesome Feeling..Love means care,understanding feelings,understanding everything....Each and Every Human Love some other people.......I think then only they are what i say now Love marriage is always best....I will do love marriage......

Sara you have to think about it in a different way so your spouse is only one and it is known before you were born for instance yuo might meet that spouse before you marry him accidently and get to know him or you couldnt have that chance , in that case it will be arranged marriage but both ways you will marry the same person with same ethics , behaviours and personality. In the end you will have some period (engagment ) to test yourself whether you chose the right person or not  

It being known, that parents always think they know better about good and wrong and often press on kids to make everything the best way possible.
As parent, I can say we always wish the best for our kids.
In my opinion,the couple have to find each other their own way,but approval of family is very important for calm and comfortable life in future.
Otherwise, the better way out for young family is moving to another part of country or abroad to avoid a grudge etc.
As for me, surely she will choose,but I have to approve and accept that guy:)

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