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How to learn Tai Chi?


I'm interested in Tai Chi and at the moment i can't attend a course. I would like to know if there are some online resources or good books that you know that can help me to learn something about it. I know that it has to be done in practice, not in theory, anyway if you can, suggest me books, videos, anything related to Tai Chi that can help me to start practising it a bit beginning from simple things.



I had learned it when i was in high school, coz our school want us to learn it for exercise, it called二十四式简化太极拳(er4shi4si4shi4jian3hua4tai4ji2quan2),you could search it on youku if you like:)

in our college, we have Tai Chi classes,and we must keep practising until we pass it.If u want to learn ,u can see the vedio in youku.But u maybe find a little differents,my teacher explains that everyone‘s  comprehension about Tai Chi is different.


谢谢 :) I will try to search some video on youku :)

search some video on baidu.

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