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How do you learn Chinese characters writing?


do you find a quikest way to learn how to write Chinese characters?



Practicing characters you see often on character-writing sheets (the ones with the boxes); the more the practice, the better you get.

Writing the character repeatedly either writing down, then remembering the sound(the pinyin), then typing it about 50 times eg I'd write the character down, then remember that it's kǒu, then i'd type it 50 times on word (saving it so I have a full document of characters learnt)




Then i'd write down a full list eg: 


我, 我们, 你, 你们, 人, 中国, 中文, 英国, 一,二, 三, 四, 五, 六, 七, 八, 九, 十, 水, 口


then i'd rewrite that list on paper

Practicing, practicing, practicing.

Chinese characters are difficult to write, and in my opinion, it's not only important to learn them but also to make them well. 汉字 are beautiful, elegant, full of meaning。



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I always compare the character I've written to the printed one.

Then I'll find which stroke(s) is too long, too short, too high etc.

By this way I get my hanzi more beautiful.


I remember when I studied in elementary school, my teachers always made us write each character about ten times. This method actually works. I think all the Chinese people practice this way.   



Reading and writting!! there's no another way..

something I do.. I pay special attention to all radicals that conform each word... so when I learn a new character.. I try to compare it with any similar character that I learnt before and then I figure out in the differences.. it helps me when I try to remember a character that i don't often use when I'm writing.

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