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What is your favorite hobby and why ?

My favorite hobby is i don't know. Well, I don't I just sant to see your hobbies italkers.



Sorry my tablet froze and sent the topic without my permission but anyways, I don't have a hobby because i don't have much time, I want to know what are your hobbies people.

Basketball, horse riding, and cycling. 

Here's a list:

-Making others smile

-Charity work

-Fashion design





-watching soccer.. Hala Madrid!!! LOL

thats all i can think of :P


Hunting - because it's a challenge, and I like to provide the food for me and my family.

Knitting - because it's relaxing and I like to make useful things.

Reading - because it's relaxing and I can learn lots of things.

Hiking - because exercise is good and it helps to train me for carrying 100 pound loads several miles out of the backcountry when I go hunting. :)

painting and see the nature of the world


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