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How do people learn vocabulary ????


I am struggling to learn Vocab for Spanish as it is not sinking in !!!! Any ideas how to learn vocab easily and like 30 words a day minimum ???




Hi Taylor I have a channel on youtube to learn Spanish and we make vocabulary to learn Spanish in our lessons. And of course you are exposed to the target language so you can learn vocabulary, Anyway I leave you some links here.

These are some of them. We would be glad to help you if you want to learn vocabulary related with the topic you wish. We accept topics, feel free to tell us.


Easily the best thing for memorization: Anki


I find that I remember words best that are relevant to me. Make some sentences about things you like.


Jayk, I have tried Anki to be fair but the program was just doing crazy things to be fair lol. I might give it another go and really stick at it.


Johnny I will check out those links thank you. I am just trying to obtain fluency as quick as possible with Spanish as I am fed up being a student now and want to converse properly and not just with very basic conversations haha. 


I also recommend you and Take a look above all memrise it's been made for this porpouse, achieve vocabulary.


Yeah I have been on Memrise. I find it good.


And it is purpose :) 


But Taylor to learn a language involve a lot of time. It doesn't exist the magic recipe to learn a language instantly, you have to burn stages and you can only do that step by step. Keep your patience, that the best advice that I can give you. To learn a language is a long term task and as much time you dedicate as much you learn. And asses your advances every three or four months. You will sometimes have the impression that you have improve a lot, and on the contrary you sometimes will have the impression that you haven't improve. These are false perceptions, relax and take your time to think about your progress. 


My lack of ability to converse in Spanish has hampered my ability to retain vocabulary.  I am consentrating now on learning speaking skills, with the thought that when I get to the point that I can speak enough to converse, I will be able to learn and retain vocabulary easier.  Synergy Spanish is proving to be very helpful to me.  It focuses on learning a few high frequency words and phrases very well.  I have only been using it for a couple of weeks, and I already can tell a big difference.  I hope to add the vocabulary that I need as I get better at speaking.


There are no miracles in language learning, you may pay a lot of money ,but if you don´t make the effort,and practice,you won´t improve.

It´s 2013,we have a lot of tools to learn a language,let´s  begin!

I tried Anki and could not get the hang of it. You could try   there are many different subjects, you can pick a lot of vocabulary.

I agree with Jayk it is easier to remember things related to something in which you are enjoy.


I will check out the youtube clips from Johnny. Good advice from Sonia.


I find a good way to remember the vocabulary that you have just learnt, is write an exercise using the new words.


Choose ways which are the most exciting for you. Interest and motivation are necessary for learning.

1) Make cards with new words.

2) Make sentences in writing and / or orally. If you want to speak NOW and speak fluently, you need to practice toyr speech all the time. So make sentences and use new words in conversation.

3) Speak Spanish! Thye more you speak the better, talk with native speakers. 

4) Make associations to remember new words.

5) Listen to Spanish songs and sing them. It is the way how I learnt a great deal of English words and phrases, the most pleasant one.

6) Use computer programmes or sites for learning Spanish that are the most interesting for you.

7) Practice every day, never, never postpone your lessons. Languages like our pets die without our care.

8) Teach or help others. When you teach you feel responsible for your lessons, and thus your subconsciousness provides you with all necessary tools and good memory.

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