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Spanish-English language partner

Hola! Hello!


I'm looking for some one to language exchange with me because many people at language partner could not be messaged.


Anyone interested?


p.s. I think people don't know they need to go to Setting to make sure they can get message from everyone not just ones they are following...



I want to be your partner!!i am learning english and you are learning spanish so it's great. If you want i'am here! ;) I'm going to check my settings hahaha ;)

Hi Cindy, I am here if you  want me as language partner. ;) 

Hello, Good information I didn't know that. I already configured my account to receive messages from everybody, I am a spanish native speaker.

I am interested in be your partner why not?, my name is Dani from Barcelona, I'm anxious for found some language partner. I can help you to learn Spanish. No doubt, write me



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