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I need a French name~

Now I am learning french ,I need a beautiful name




It's quite difficult to answer your question because everyone will have a different opinion on what is a beautiful name... So could you please be more specific?

Would you prefer a classical French name? a very popular one? one from the French literature/history/mythology? One that means something (flower name etc. For instance my name comes from the month 'july')


i like LAURA it's a really beautiful name

My French name is Monsieur Wayne, pleased to meet you. But since we're speaking English I expect you to call me Bond. James Bond.

Thank u , Juliette,I need a classical French name,I like classical things~

OK.Duch,I am just do in Rome as Rome does~


hi,James Bond


Tell me what Youfeimiya means and I will find you a French name according to it.

How about  Monik or Margo?

Jeanne is a beautiful name.


And it's the heroin of France : Jeanne d'Arc.


Tous les Français l'aiment ~

I know Jeanne d'Arc.It's really a beautiful name and I know  her story.

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