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Favorite sport

Do you like sports? If so, what is your favorite one and where are you from? 




Yes,I play badminton once a week and I'm from Indonesia

i like Koko, kabbadi and volleyball. I from India:) 

Ran: I find swimming is nice, too.

Tirah: I've never played badminton. Here in Brazil it isn't popular.

GudKuti: What is Koko and kabbadi?

Alexandra: Freediving? Isn't it danderous? How deep can you dive?

I like badminton and table tennis. I from China.

I like powerlifting...Im from Mauritius...Unfortunately we dnt even have a powerlifting coaches here.

I like soccer and track. From U.S.

I really like powerlifting too. But bench pressing destroys my shoulders.

Here, we are crazy about soccer xD.

Yes, Cricket and I am from India.

I like all sports ! I'm from France :)

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