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name ,where come from

hi~friends! what's your another name in another language!and how do you get it ?




Helo,my name is Sonia,and my parents gave me this name because thay wanted me to have a Russian name,according to our family name (my father was Ukranian,and my mother,Russian).


Wikipedia :Sonia 

Sonia is a feminine given name in many areas of the world including the West, Russia, Iran, and South Asia. Sonia and its variant spellings Sonja and Sonya are Russian variations on Sophia, a Greek name meaning "wisdom". The name was popularised by a 1917 bestselling novel, Sonia, by Stephen McKenna.

In Hindi, the name means "golden", derived from सोना sonāa "gold", from Sanskrit सुवर्ण suvarṇa (su "good" + varṇa "color").

Sonya and its variations are occasionally found as surnames in England and the American eastern seaboard.


I don´t have  "another name in another language ".

I now that Chinese people usually do this,I respect that,but may be it would be better if other people just try to say your Chinese name,as you call them by their names.

oh~Sonia !a beautiful name~

in my familly ,there is a similar custom!  to me is "青“

in my opinion ,i use my English name just for convenience~because my chinese name is some compliex


oh! it mast have a long long history!

I didn't realise Sonia was a Russian name. I've met quite a few Australians called 'Sonia', and one called 'Sonya'. I also didn't realise that it came from a Greek word called 'Sophia' (which I admit I've never heard of). 'Sophie' is a very common name here, and you do meet the occaissonal 'Sophia'. They probably come from the same word! haha


My name is Joshua. I need to use a Chinese name, because they don't have an alphabet (I agree with Sonia, it isn't necessary the other way around). I use the name 炤华, which is 'zhao hua' in pinyin. 

I spent a long time trying to choose a good name!

I sat down with a Chinese person looking for pinyin combinations which sounded like a good name, that also sounded sort of similar to my English name. He kept making suggestions which sounded nothing like my English name to me ('shu ya', for example)! haha Eventually, I had to write a list of every possible pinyin combination I'd accept as acceptably similar to my normal name. XD

He pointed out three or four names from that list that he said sounded like good names. I chose 'zhao hua', because I liked that one the most.

I decided to make 'zhao' fourth tone, and 'hua' second tone, because I felt that of all the possible combinations of tones, the fourth tone followed by the second tone was the most natural to say.

I then went through a dictionary and listed all the characters that had the right pinyin (zhao4 and hua2). I selected the few that had a good meaning. My friend pointed out that 华 (hua2) was used in a lot of names.

I decided to use 昭华, but then I noticed that my dictionary listed '炤' as a rare variation of '昭'. I decided to use the rarer version.

Hi, My Vietnamese name is Điền Quang Minh, and my Chinese name is 田光明

ohoh~'炤华'is a good name ~but i think "烨华“ maybe more special  "ye(4) hua(2)"

My English name is Lily,which is named by myself.

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