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Find someone to practice Korean and make friends with...

Hi everyone, i'm Didi, new member on Italki, i just start learning Korean for few months, so i wanna find someone to practice Korean and make friends. I'm so easy-going, and friendly. I'm from Danang, Vietnam and i often host someone who go to Danang, Vietnam to travel, and if you help me, i can host you when you come here ((like exchange students program, please google or naver it). Or we can just skype to make friend. My skype: naughty_girl211. Please feel free to contact me. Looking forward to make new friends.
안녕하세요! 저는 디디이에요!  




I am learning korean because i wana go to universety there in 2 and a half year ^^ we can practice and help eachother :D

It was awesome, so what your skype ID? or can you add my skype?

Hello~ I am currently majoring in Korean Language, and maybe we can learn together ;) feel free to contact me!

Add skype me if you want to practice :)

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