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Awesome movie !!!

Any idea of some really good movie? 

no horrors., sci-fi nor comedy please. THank you a lot :-)



Do you like romantic movies?

actually im not the fan of romantic ones.. though last 2 i´ve seen this year after the long time I have to say hmm was not that bad. :-) im into thrillers, crime or action movies / though not for the ones actors are  shooting nonstop in till the end / , movies from real life as well.. 

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring

Have you seen Pulp Fiction? It's awesome!

watch Fight club....most of men like this movie

illusionist, now you see me


Fast Five is a great action movie !

There are several versions you can find.


Dr. Strangelove

Getaway. Find in youtube about the thriller. Coolest movie after Taken.

How about Gravity? Though I'm not sure if it's thriller or horror.. 

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