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Hi, eveyryone!

I want to know your opinion about these two very difficult issues. Are u against or for? And why?






May be you first write "you"



Sonia, may be U tell us your opinion and do not write such stuff



Could you please explain your point of view?)I need it for my project)

I'm for it. Both of them. As to Capital punishment, I think it's very important for society as well as for a state. The criminal situation will be better, if people  know the result of their act. The level of crime will be lower. And it's fair. Eye for eye, as the saying goes.  But of course there always will be such kind of problems as execution of innocent. But it means that investigations should be more detailed.

As for euthanasia, my opinion is that every person has a right to save himself from painful and unbearable illness. So I think it makes sense.


i am against both because no one has the right to end someone's life even if it's the worst criminal on earth

in my country we don't have such law because we think it's really cruel and even our religion prohibit such thing

if people can feel the pain of death instead of someone dying they won't make such law


To some extent, capital punishment can influence low level criminals that are in prison to change their ways before they end up doing something unimaginable and not even realize it. It can have some disadvantages though. During the 20th century when electricity was still being tested for other things, Edison employees created an electric chair that would "instantly kill" the inmate in death row. Spectators were called to witness the first electrocution of William Kemler. The first shock would have killed this Kemmler, but he ended up surviving unconscious suffering critical wounds. The second shock finally ended his life, but the people who were present were speechless that he experienced so much pain doing the first shock. Although views on capital punishment vary between country, I would have to say, as an American, that I support capital punishment not as a way to rid criminals that have no hope of changing their ways and prevent those from becoming criminals. The U.S. no longer uses this method as much and instead uses lethal injection.


1. I support capital punishment in those cases in which there is NO doubt that she / he committed the murder. I believe that such murderers should be executed in order to give some peace  to the relatives of the victims.


Here in my American state, there are about 800 criminals waiting to be executed, but they will NEVER be executed because most people in my state oppose capital punishment. Bad people kill other people because they know that they will NEVER be executed.  They will live many years until they die in prison or are released. Their victims, of course, will never live again.


2. Yes, I believe in euthanasia. If one wants to end one's horrific suffering, then one should have the right to ask for help in ending one's life.

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