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Spending your precious vacation the right way.

Our semstreal break is finallly coming. A little rest would be fine. Since we're all stressed from this semester. So, what are your plans for spending your vacation the right way?



hi :)

I'm a Chinese university student, 20 years old. Due to family reason(immigration to Canada), I have to apply for an foreign univesity, with an IELTS test. However, my poor oral English can only get 5.5 (overall6.5). So I wanna practise my oral English in any time suitble for u. Most inportantly, I'm an outgoing and warm-hearted man, going to Pakistan as volunteer for 1 month this winter, and wanna build immitate friendship with u, and helping u improv ur Chinese skill at the same time. Hope for ur reply XDDD my email Skype:kenny931006

Hi Zhang Shiqi. I'm guessing that's your name. Am I right? First, I think you don't really want to say "immitate frriendship". Because "immitate" something that's fake, like immitation. It's making a copy of the original thing. Going to Pakistan? What an adventour I guess. That would be fun. :) Yeah sure, I can help you with your english. :) I just have to warn you, my chinese is really bad. :)

hello majica,this is lily from china,I want to be your language partner,my Skype is sulili113000,can you add me?

do some reading and meet friends

Hi Cherry. Yes. That's what I am doing for now. That's why I joined italki, hoping to meet new friends who can help me. :)

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