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What are your favorite free resources for language learning?

Mine are this site,, Mango Languages,, and (though the latter is only for Japanese/Chinese). What resources do you use to learn languages?

I'm posting this in the Chinese section but feel free to comment with resources for any language! :) 




Hello,I use you tube to find movies, and songs.

Since I study Chinese and Japanese Skritter is my prime resource for learning. I also do use (Chiense), I have tried memrise as well for Japanese and that works rather ok.

I like to watch videos of conversations of native speakers and listening songs by Youtube. Also I like to enter to some English website, Sometimes I have a language exchange with native friends 50/50. I hear some MP3. I enjoy participating in a conversation with an American teacher, who kindly is sharing her language with several foreigners for free, once a week. I read some texts in English in American magazines. I also like to listen the news in the channel CNN. I try to memorize several corrections on Notebook, here Italki.

BUSUU a very helpful website for learning any language ,useful learning units as well as exchanging languages with native speakers.

I weave in and out of listening to conversations (with and without coursebooks), watching news, watching TV programmes, listening to music, using programmes like memrise or studystack then using colloquial, teach yourself, pimsleur, assimil, spoken world and michel thomas :) and are great. Both are also available as mobile apps.


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