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why don't you get marry ?



Nowdays , to get married is far more difficult than than 20 years ago . Not only you have to pick up a person you love , but also you have to settle your personal financial support for your prospective family , let alone if you have children . Marrige in oriental society is not just a matter about 2 loved halves . Marriage is a big issue between 2 families or clans . We have viewed so many news casted about the failure of marriage caused by dissatisfaction of relatives instead of cuicial halves .The holistic consideration should be taken prior you decide to get marriied  . In addition , you have to find the Mr. right or Miss . right . In such a turbulent socity with chaotic social moral ,  it is very hard to look through a person who has a honest appearance . At all events , marriage is not the only destination to end up with . People still have  chance choose what they want or they are pleased .

I am not married and don't really feel the urge to. I have been with the same person for over five years and I don't feel the need to have the governmwent tell me that we are married because besides the proper paperwork, it feels like we are married to me. We have lived together for years and have a child together. Marriage in America is a personal choice between two people, and many people choose to live their lives together with out getting married. To some it is just a piece of paper.

first a young boy see the world is so rich ....first he want that he become a rich man to struggle hard in the work after when he  financial strong .....after he is not so young after he is marry if he find some one good for him

i dont know,maybe i will married ,maybe i will not.but before i get married,i want get a good job and get  rich.Not because my boyfriend or girlfriend is rich,i will married.

l like freedom , l like living alone . i dont wanna be restrained.

Beause I have no money.



Why don´t you get married?


Why nobody corrects?


I´m already happily married...


Don't need too money to get marry...if you want


I am 35 years old. I have married just 2 years.

Now I can say that was the best time in my life. I am happy to have a family.

I think family is the the main value! Now i think why i did not do it it before?)

I wish everybody to met your Mr or Mss Right!

I'm too young. :D

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