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do you often worried about test?



Yes, sometimes... when i didn'nt have sufficient preparation for facing the test :)

me too

There is a little problem in your sentence. You can say:"Do you often worry about test?" or "Are you often worried about test?" 

Well, for me, it depends. If the test is just a normal test, like the final exam, I'm not worried about it so much. If the test is very important, I would be worried about it. 


no i never get worried about tests because i know that tests doesn't contain something that i didn't study it

i always prepare myself very well and i always pass it



Hi Imy714:


    Surely many do. They show up in websites about 2 to 3 months prior to a testing,  and asking for assistance.


    In my estimation,   anyone want to work with a  teacher or  language partner, should find such help at least a year or two prior to taking such a test. 


  I have always been confident that with about a year of guidance,  I could improve a student's   score on English Tests;  but    with less than a year of study, I do not think that   my efforts would have a significant impact.


  I would say that I do not like the tests use. They seem tedious, overly complex, wordy and entirely irrellevant  to basic communication.



        Also, the tests  highlight the fact that  casual chat is only of some small use in confidence.

The complex vocabulary in the  Tests require "formalized" and literal knowledge of language.


     I am curious what assistance you are getting?



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