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How much of this site is your nation?

I know there're a variety of people from different regions/nations but I want to know. I'm guessing by now Arabic people is taking a..relatively much part than the others. But it's just an assumption.

Why I'm asking 'How much is your nation'?

If you didn't know certain languages at all and wasn't interested in them, you might have passed by anything posted in these languages.But.You may recognize your language. 

For example I don't know how German words looks like so I have no idea how many Germans are in here.


And this discussion is not related to any kind of discrimination or racism. at all.





>Dutch Man< I know that you're anti-muslims, but if you want to be so, be a little bit smarter. Almost all of what you say here are just allegations. and not only you allege, but you're are inconsistent with  what you say.


1- You claim that we make a lot of noise when someone "dares" to critisize Islam. What do you expect us to do if a racist suddenly  says something that is  bad or amount to be bad against islam? Do you expect us to say bravo! keep up the good work?! It's even against all human rights. If someone claims something or criticize something, don't you think that it's my right to respond?


2- You say that we're not here to learn. A quick glance at my profile will show the number of entries and questions, that are in German, I've posted so far. The fact that I am not posting in English is because I already speak English with an American Accent, so no need for me to do so. Anyone who will view my profile will know at once that I am a serious learner and if they do so, they will know that you're wrong. A lot of people are here for many reasons other than learning a language be muslims or westerns or aisians. Be smart! if you want to make a kind of coalition here on italk against muslims, then do it right.  Try to support what you say with evidence otherwise, you're doing more harm than good to your plans.


P.S I didn't like the word "dare" that you've used. If you or any other person really dare to insult or criticize Islam, then go to any Islamic country and talk through an amlifier or so and say whatever you want. But to so via a computer and you say dare?! what kind of ill imagination is that?


Take it easy will you. You're an old man.


I think I understand your question, but it may need to be seriously rephrased.


Perhaps you're simply asking what languages seem to be most popular on this website?

If this is the question, then I've come across plenty of English, Russian, & Chinese learners/speakers on italki.


You said "For example I don't know how German words looks like so I have no idea how many Germans are in here."


The truth is speaking a language does not automatically define your nationality. I'm Nigerian-American and can only speak English & Spanish. This is just an example. 


If this isn't cleared up in your original post, I think it'll bring about lots of issues. Just my two cents for what it's worth :)

I think you gave me an answer exactly I wanted to hear. Altini. Thank you

And for Bruse,

Firstly, thank you for your answer,but , honestly It's not inteded to be discriminative. If you considered I'm not a skilled English user, you might have known. Anyway, it's my fault that I refered to nations.

I agree with a website can't be representative of some nations.

But,  just distinguishing people by nation is just not same with discrimination at all. When we distinguish people with bad intention, we call it discrimination.

If what you said is true, all the surveys related to region dividing stuffs have to be discarded.




And I'm not Anti-Islam. or Anti Muslim neither.

Don't say something could cause religious conflicts.

I won't use my brain to do such pesky useless things like mocking certain religions like you.

Anyway, I'm sorry for making you all misunderstand the point of this question.

I was simply asking about what languages seem to be most popular in this site. As Antili said.



But It was truely a critical error. That I said I don't know German, so I don't know how many Germans are here. 

A German who wants to learn Spanish may post in Spanish.

Yeah, this was so silly



*agree with that


Sorry for grammer mistakes which I don't even know

>Cellulos< I am talking to the man from Holland not you.

I know . I was talking to him too.

The beauty of this site is that it is like a rainbow, when I open the page of discussion and find questions or statements from various languages, I get curious and I wonder what is the meaning of these, I don’t really think about their race or religion, I just wonder what these words might mean , even sometimes feel that I must learn this language or that language at least the basics words ( I start my first lesson in Chinese today ).

A lot of us ( am one of them) enter this website for various reasons including social activity because language itself is a social act. Sure I would love to find friends who can become real friends from this website. So please if you want to be a racist it is fine take your shot be happy, you want to be anti-Islam also it fine - it’s your mind not mine, but what you should not do is to generalize, speak your mind , not other’s people mind.

I am used to thinking less of nationality on this langauge exchange website . I like to talk in English with those people who are serious in English learning no matter where they are from , even they speak my mother tongue , Chinese  . I am intended for English learning instead of casual chatting on the entry . So as a consequence, I would not mind what their nationalties are .  Needless to say , I will check their profiles as I want to identify their English is good enough to learn for me , but rather , the principle is not always right . I can find numerous people who can write eligible or perfect English from non English speaking nations .  On the contrary , some people who are from English countries are not so good at English writing . I guess they are not serious in English writing here , and they just want to wade through other's writing . From time to time , I can learn more from non English speaking countries . In terms of their nationalities , I  would commend you not to concentrate on this issue too much . Nationality does not matter with my learning in most situation.

So far , I consider nationality is not the keypoint to be stressed . I would rather put more concentration on why writing cannot be well modified or treated . Whatever country you are from , you can sponsor your writing and share your standpoint here . That is the precious value for this website . In terms of the value of your nationality , I think it is very subjective .

I hope there was a quote function here. haha. Hard to remember and bring all the opinions.


Well.. Yes. I think this site is cool and a good place to learn languages and make friends regardless of the fact where they come from. I think so too but,

it was just a mere curiosity. To get informations.

I hope you not to jump to conclusions that this debate will flow to discriminative side.


Because I mentioned that I was just asking about 

Which language seems most popular in this site.

I'm not trying to determine the ranking.



Ugh.. I want to modify my first question.


And someone above me.. I can't change the page so I can't see your name right now but..if may I call you person said this site's beauty is like that of rainbow.. 

Are you saying to me? If not, never mind.


Finally, Thank you for the informations!

I see now. I remember I used the program when I was running my DeviantArt. It just came up with.

Though didn't know I can apply it to any site.



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