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How's your feeling today?

My mood is very bad today.

A friend told me he likes me and kissed me.I gave him a box on his ears.

I never thought to change our relationship,just only  be good friends.



be clam.and you should tell me your is very improtant.and i hpope i can haelp you .shall we make a friend together

he kissed u,but u wanna he is u's firend not u's boyfirend,u should talk with him....


I told him several times

I feel not bad. My holiday is over,but I enjoyed family affection.

Thanks Bruce,I think I need time to understand your words because my english is not very good


A friend,in other words,which means spare tire.

dear 小新,I dont think you can understand my feeling. 

英语我不行,就是来学习的。两情若不相愿,是强求不来的。你能帮帮我解释一下I gave him a box on his ears这句话不?

You need to talk with him, not tell to him.

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