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How's your feeling today?

My mood is very bad today.

A friend told me he likes me and kissed me.I gave him a box on his ears.

I never thought to change our relationship,just only  be good friends.



be clam.and you should tell me your is very improtant.and i hpope i can haelp you .shall we make a friend together

he kissed u,but u wanna he is u's firend not u's boyfirend,u should talk with him....



Interesting subject Jasmine, and it invites us to consider human communication in a most profound way.

As I imagine the event, which caused you to "box" some guy's ears, I am reminded of something

in romantic interaction termed the Incantation---of---the---Eyes.

Our eyes can communicate our intentions. In this regard, perhaps the guy you boxed was not

studying the communication of your eyes, in which your eyes would have held his gaze, and would have shown an invitation. People also show their intention with their eyes, by gazing in a rather obvious way at another person's body, to communicate their intentions. When to people interact this way, they can give indications as to whether or not they are "inviting" intimacy, or rejecting it.

So in a sense, I am guessing that the fellow you boxed, overlooked your signs, failed to communicate his invitation to engage in kissing, and simply moved forward in a sudden gesture and kissed you when you did not expect it. Is that an accurate description of what happened?


For example, a fellow that is pursuing an intimate contact, would be much better advised to begin communicating his intentions with his hand, rather than his lips. A hand can be used to hold another person's hand lightly, or it can rest on a person's shoulder lightly. This way, no body area that is overly sensitive such as face etc., is involved. One can simply withdraw a hand, or brush the other person's hand from off your shoulder, and this clearly says; "I do not want for you to touch me."; and does it in a courteous way.


I told him several times

I feel not bad. My holiday is over,but I enjoyed family affection.

Thanks Bruce,I think I need time to understand your words because my english is not very good


A friend,in other words,which means spare tire.

dear 小新,I dont think you can understand my feeling. 

英语我不行,就是来学习的。两情若不相愿,是强求不来的。你能帮帮我解释一下I gave him a box on his ears这句话不?

You need to talk with him, not tell to him.

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