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What do you do when you feel lonely?

What do you do when you feel lonely? I broke up with my boyfriend on July. At that time, I thought I could handle myself very well and I did so far. But thesedays, in fall, in this weather, I feel lonely. Extremely. I want someone who cares about me when I caught a cold. I want someone who makes me smile when I'm frustrated.

Yet I don't want to meet anyone easily because I don't wanna get hurt again. Hence, I think I should get over this feeling by myself, but I have no clue what to do. What do you usually do when you feel like me?



listen music,doing exercise,talk to my firends,writing............Clare,you could be happy,and you can find  a better person .Don't be afraid to hurt. :)

I will make me so busy


Feel lonely it's not so bad :)  We are lonely all the time but don't wanna see that.  Even you spending you time with you boyfriend you are alone too (you know it)- you simply think that you and he are together.  Only you are that man who makes you smile when you are frustrated. If you stop run from loneliness you see all its magic power - it is like a wave... alone.. not alone.. again alone.. over and over but always you are.. the best ;)


.. ok. I'm just joking :)  actually  i watch cartoons.

I never felt lonely because I  like to stay alone.More importantly,We are independent individuals

But if I feel sad, I will cry .Dry all my tears.Then Be myself.

Life is an adventure. You only get to do it once so its your choice how to lead it. If i was you i'd get over it asap. 

 Go outsides with you friends ,You can go to climb the mountian or have a party .Don't stay at home alone ,It make you sad quickly . Let you be busy .go ahead .

Really sorry to hear you.

I usually play the piano or guitar singing my favorite song when I feel frustrated.

But if you're not interested in playing instruments,

moving your body, whether you go to shopping or try to talk with your friends would help you.

I guess just listening music will make ypu more depressed as far as I experienced. 

When people feel lonley, they automatically choose sad musics somehow.


life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain.

I listen to the song ''I didn't know my own strenght'' performed by Whitney Houston eyes closed. I feel good after. It's my therapy and it works. You should try.

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