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If you love your boyfriend more than he loves you, what should you do?

He is busy in stuying and working,so he often ignores you.You feel you  are always giving ,and you get less. You are tired,But you really love him very much. Should you keep calm?   just love him as usual?  or leave?



I think it's quite common for one person to love the other person more, especially in the boyfriend-girlfriend stage. Sometimes relationships do go slower and if he is really busy at the moment, then this may need to be one of them times. It may be that he just needs you to bear with him for this moment until he isn't as busy and then has more time for you. However, no matter how busy he is, he still should make sure you know he loves you even if he only has time to do little things. Whether you should leave depends on how long you've been together, how long the situation has been like this, how long it will continue and how much effort he is putting in. I would suggest first trying to make it easier for him to be with you at times, maybe meeting him from work, walking to the place he studies with him, etc. Secondly, drop hints that you want to do things, try to arrange plans, etc. And if all else fails, have a serious conversation before even considering leaving.


Get a new boyfriend. Jk. Talk to him about how you feel, tell him you want to spend more time with him, etc. If he really cares about you he should make time for you...but don't overdo it or smother him - clingy/needy people are a major pain in the ass.

talk to him, man’s thought are different ,telling him what u think~:)


in my opinion you should not keep quiet , you should discuss with him your problem, tell him what do you really feel because keeping everything inside of you will make things more complicated

 to me relationships are about conceding ,you waiver some of your rights and he waivers some of his that's when a relationship really works

"No one is busy in this world.It is all about priorities".

good citate,maybe a bit cruel,but....

In love ,There is no absolute balance,so  someone  must to pay more .If you love him ,you can communicate with him ,if he care .he may love you more and more.

how do you came up with such a conclusion? what is your measurement of love? maybe he is not that kind of person who is very showy about his feelings. Anyway it is normal not to have an equal love what is far more important is that he loves you and only you and he is keeping that love always. Dont be so demanding in gaining much profit love is not a business. Love is unconditional. 

Love less so both loves measure the same :)

Real love is loving without asking for giving back. However, if you are tired of your condition, then first of all, try to understand him, write him something everyday about anything to show your affection to him, if in that case, he still acts indifferent to you and always tells you he is very busy then think again, no matter how busy a person is, he or she will always have time for the one he or she loves even a bit. Better let him go and concern with yourself a while before find your new love. 

I think it is not good idea to discuss your problem as men dont understand words, they understand action. Try to make a distance between you and him, if he is busy for you so you must be bisy for him too. After some time you will see by his behavor if he really needs you or not. It is not easy way but the most effective.

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