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What makes a good teacher?




I was reading a book about teaching recently and I read this chapter about ''What makes a good teacher?''

I find it a really good question to ask. 


So, what makes a good teacher in your point of view? 




In china ,More teacher and family  only foucs on the performance, I hate it .I want to be a teacher and  chance it .To be a good teacher ,I think you must love you work and you student .I think learning interest is important.So you can tell some jokes in class to attract the attention of the students to let them listen to the teacher carefully.

I think someone is a good teacher if they invest time into their students. People want to learn, especially if they are paying for lessons then they are commited. Therefore a tutor should spend time creating lesson plans for that particular students needs.


I teach Korean and have a huge passion for it. In every free time I have, I spend talking to my student, finding where their strengths and weaknesses are and planning lessons around that to help them improve and give them confidence to succeed. I treat every student as an idividual and care for each one. I encourge them! 


To me, this is what a good teacher is. But that's just my opinion, of course :)

Having good manners... :)


This is my 11th year of Professional teaching, I assume the excellent way of teaching is divided in...

(a) First to understand students requirement & need .  (b) Friendly educational communication.

(c) Ability to express lessons in a simple & easier way.

A good teacher will be able assess their student's needs as they get to know them in the classroom. If a teacher is able to explain a situation that has always been a learning difficulty, or can motivate a student that is already hitting their learning milestones then the teacher is fulfilling their role as a good teacher. A good teacher will create a safe learning environment this will make for more confident students a confident student will be more likely to want to experiment with the English language. Students will give the teacher feedback at almost every lesson a good teacher will listen to their students taking the feedback onboard to improve future lessons. Also by listening to the students through the lesson a teacher can correct mistakes helping them to improve their language skills. A good teacher will pick up on likes and dislikes or interests of the students and can incorporate them into learning. A good teacher will never enter a classroom without a lesson plan knowing the material you are going to be using is important always makes a plan a teacher that doesn’t know the subject can’t teach effectively. When I was at secondary school I always dreaded a class where I knew the teacher didn’t prepare or was too strict it always took much longer for me and my classmates to settle into the lesson. I currently teach English privately from home and I’m always prepared I know my students their needs and love my job we have fun use our time together very wisely they know me and know how I work they are never late always have homework with them. A good teacher isn’t too strict or angry and loves their job and their students.

To Mark :


I cannot but formulate you  :"you are a genius and phenomenon" , I really admire you .


Unfortunately , most people living in the world need  teachers to conduct their career or lives .  I met some good teachers and they are surely can give me wise evident instruction in my precious juvenile age . I do not know how you think of good teachers . In my impression , I would rather wish my teachers are good at communcation and happy to make friends . People all know there are too many subjects to master and you cannot achieve all of them in your life time . In my vision , I hope a good teacher can sustain good relationship with his students and love this job . Other than that , it seems not so critical . Because you cannot learn too much intangible knowledge from your teachers , which is the most precious in your lifetime.





To be a great teacher, you need to have great students. (That is, students who WANT to learn.)


Then you will be a great teacher if:


1. You REALLY know your subject.


2. You REALLY love your subject.


3. You REALLY want the students to understand the subject.


The students will RESPECT and ADMIRE such a teacher.

I think the most important thing for a teacher... to be patient.

A teacher should be competent and he/she should have good knwledge of the language being taught. I have seen some teachers on italki who make mistakes in their posts. Such teachers should be banned from italki.

A teacher should know the previous knowledge of the students.

A teacher should think about how he can make the material interesting.







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