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Totally different meanings depending the english variation


Hi everybody! Surfing on the Internet I found a very interesting post talking about the different meening for the same word that there are between U.S. and U.K. english 

Did you know them? Do you know other words?


I hope you'll enjoy the discussion!



Thanks for sharing, but why bird means girl in Britain, when it still is a bird in terms of flying creature?


I had no idea about the term bird related to a girl, although I'm still wondering if "bird" is used in every context or is more appropiate to use for a nice girl.

Can someone help us?

I've looked it up in a dictionary and the only meaning related to girls is similar to slang word chick (which is also related to birds, however). So in my opinion this word is odd in a list.

The word 'birds' to refer to girls is mainly used by young guys. They will say something like "Let's go pull some birds", it means that they want to go out to a club, find some girls and bring them home. I often here it from people from northern cities more than southern but you would probably have to ask a guy to know if that is true.

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