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Would you tell 3 things you think is interesting about your culture?





Well , I think the ancestors lenguage named "Nahualt" , The second one would be Tazumal ruins which one was built AD- 250-900 by the Mayan civilization , Third The Coatepeque lake is a beautiful and peaceful place to stay :)

I favourite holiday is Spring Festival in china ,At that time ,All the family together.chatting,Playing mahjong and visiting each other .The   most important thing for a child to get a lot of red envelopes from the adults.much money ,haha!I like it .

Sports, music and happiness. =)


(multiculture, multi religion,multi language) and most important thing more than 10000 years old civilisation.


1) I live in a culture comprised of various cultures, so many festivals and events from around the world and also celebrated here. For example, I am very intereseted in Japanese culture, and here we celebrate Aki Matsuri. But there are celebrations from every culture. Also, with hvaing such a vast influence from all over the world, we also have food from many cultures, so we can always try something new. Food from everywhere is delicious!!!


2) We have an amazing history that if one is merely willing to speak with their elders, they can learn so many things that they don't teach in our history books.


3) We have a great deal of freedom of expression here. We can choose to express ourselves in any way we see fit. I know that is not the case in some cultures, and I am thankful for they here, where I live, we do.

In my country , most people who are immersed in traditional confucius's moral are too rigid to be resilient , including all codes in the constitution . Most of citizens were taught to be honest and compliant to their senior , their parents and their teachers even that is not so appropriate or legal . Some of them are thought as slavors in their mindset .  I do not know if it is good or evil . We have so complicated social morals in our society , which is seldom rational and some of them are even illegal  . Some moral rules are moldy and nonsense in the modern society . If you were to live on this land , you must get so familliar with the reules on this land , or you will take disadvanteage . Culture is too  complicated to abbreviated into several sentences .

I will comment on my culture not just as an American but originating from southern culture of the U.S.:


1. Amazing home cooked meals, passed down from generations to generations. In my family you are never too old to cook a delicious meal, and it an honor to be able to do so.


2. Big family event where everyone gathers around outside. All of the children are running around outside climbing trees, grandpa is smoking a brisket, and the adults are laughing having a good time.


3. And in America in general: all of the different cultures that make America unique. It is very amazing that America is relatively a new founded country compared to some, and that so many immigrants from around the world make it what it is. I am very proud of all of my heritage as are many people.


i'm berber(kabyle)

1 the language(i'm not very fluent )

2-the food

3- i live in the city but i prefer to live in my original hometown because the place is really amazing and all the citizens are close to each other we are all one family  

"We have an amazing history that if one is merely willing to speak with their elders, they can learn so many things that they don't teach in our history books."


:-D :-D :-D hahahahahahahahahhaahah. An amazing history yeah. She calls a 300 years of history amazing. Then what shoud I call my countries "EGYPT" history which is more than 7000 years some even said that it's older than that like 24,000. But anyway, Hmmm let me think, if 300 hundred years of history is amazing, 7000 divided by 300 is about 23, then 23 times amazing. What's the english word for amazing multiplied by 23? Please guys I am not making fun. I've just used simple math and logic. :-D Thanks a lot samantha. You've just made my day. One thing samantha, don't play the history game infront of the whole world, people will just make fun of you unless you are from the Aztecs or the Mayans. :-).


>Mackenzie< Regarding points 1&2, How this is different than the rest of the world? or what's so uinque about that? In all cultures there are amazing home cooked meals that are passed down from genereations to generations. There are big family events everywhere where children play and adults laugh. I see nothing special that can make your culture different. In these kinds of question you should be more specific. In other words, share something that will make your culture have it's own taste. And don't tell me that you eat turkey, because we do it in Egypt as well.

How is this different*. I wish we can edit our comments.

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