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Moving to korea.


Hi! I just wondered if you are korean or have liver in korea, if you could help me get an inside of korea and how it is there? i am going to go to korea for university after highschool and i wanna be prepared ^^ so if you can in any way help, please i need all help i can get :)

Also if anyone can help me learn korean and have skype, please mail me here so we can get eachothers skype :D




Sorry i am tired and did few spelling mistakes but yeah, deal with it xD

I am sad to hear you study in Korea,why not you abord in china ?haha ,


I dont live in korea... it is not sad that i wanna go because Korea is the country that intrests me most on the world and i really love it! And thats why i prefere korea instead of chinese. + chinese is so mch harder to learn... i already know hangul, the korean way of writing and it is kinda easy :D

I studied at Yonsei University last year and at Ewha Woman's University this summer so if you wanna talk about those two schools we can :)

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