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Looking for Vampire Folklore


Hi! I am in the processing of writing a paper and I am interested in what various cultures believe about vampires. Some say they are allergic to sunlight, garlic, holy water. There are some that believe vampires can walk around during the day. There are even cultures that believe in an elite class of vampires, and that there are lower classes below them.


What is your cultures belief about vampires? Do they exist? How are they created? How can they be stopped or killed? Any information you can give me would be most helpful.


Thank you very much,

~Samantha :)



In our Chinese culture, we call vampires as zombies. they are believed transformed from dead-man whoes tomb are in incorrect site, or whom dead wrongly. 

That's interesting. In my culture (Turkish), I dont think we believe in vampires. It's too much American for us, especially nowadays you know. (even though it's a european thing. thinking of E. Bathory or Vlad the Impaler etc) But we do know that in other believes, they get killed in sunlight and stuff.


Romanian culture has a lot of stories about vampires. Actually, the image of Dracula was taken from a Romanian leader - Vlad Țepeș,  who used to kill all the thiefs, murderers and traitors in a very bloody way. At Bran is his castle and even today people think that it is hunted. The truth is tha Vlad was one of our best ruler, but the imagination of people went beyond reality. 

Also, Romanians have a lot of superstitions regarding to dead people who can arise from the tumb and become STRIGOI, or MOROI who can kill people!

Also they fear sun light and  in some case, they become more powerful during full moon.  It is interesting that we believe that they lost part of their memory, but only remember their relatives.

So they usually come to their home :their relatives is more likely to become a victim. they can be eliminated by taoist or monk. they are froze  when taoist put some special Taoist magic figure on their head.


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Original american or film Vampire is pale and very light, can run fast and is immortal, sucks blod and can defy gravity, turn into bats or maybe even use magic, nowadays they also fall in love with simple humans which is not written anywhere in the history of vampires. In some cultures they are as animals that hunt people in the nights and in others they are as very polite and gentle lords who friendly invite you to their houses and then.... SUCK YOUR BLOOD! Such as dracula. For a better specification find a book or history of vampire encounters, this was merely just my own disambiguation of what i think of Vampires. Thanks :) I had to make into two parts because it was mor than 2000 characters.

Vampires are different in almost in every country. We call them Upir somewhat similar to romanian culture as they had Vlad the Impaler which was not a Vampire at all, merely a lord who was said to be cruel and liked blood. And our Bathory or as we call her Bátorička, was a castle ruler that was growing old and once when her stewards were combing her hair, one of them was scratched and blood poured on her skin and after some time the skin turned more fresh and younger. So she took women and killed them to bath in their blood and make herself younger. But both of them were not vampires and were completely immune to sun, garlic, christian cross or whatever they told you about. The holy cross is a simple rumor created by christians as vampires are Pagan demons and have nothing to do with christianity and as also in romanian culture we have Striga that are very similar to witches but also hate sunlight and are allergic to garlic and also kill, use magic and suck blood and are considered evil.

As some vampires are said to become vampires by being bitten by a vampire. But, there are also some other ways to become a vampire, by a curse or by magic which os almost the same. Then killing them, simple, burn them, ask a wizard a monk to defeat them, catch them and let them burn on the sunlight, slice them or a wooden pole to the heart, or feed them to the werewolf. Most common is burning though.As well as you can make a Striga to serve you as a demon which is an act of much greater evil.


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