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What are the ways to stop Rape Cases in India.?


India is democratic country and now a days in India, there were some distructions are going on,

Rape cases are increasing day by day.

do you all support or help us by your ideas  and thoughts?

your suggestios are help ful for us.




To spread an anti-p**n*graphic virus in every laptop and computer. This will help people to ignore the opposite-sex even if they are seductive.

What the function of virus should be may be discussed.

sex education.    sex discussion should be talk openly. If people wants to have sex before marriage with their partner then let them without condemnation anyway its their life. movies and tv shows should not have rape scene. Lastly there should be equality between man and woman in the society. Justice should be serve for all rape victim

i noticed a lot of news about this.Why so many rape cases in India?and so serious?i think maybe they think men is more important than women.China have this thought,too.we called"重男轻女“,but it has became better.So,i believe let girls go to school like boys not stay at home working is great.and laws should be bitter to the raper.i believe many India man love their sister and daughter,they dont want their families and female firends experience this thing.

here one more 'road rambo' come for buildup his 'online image' and get women sympathy by rape issuess by lacoalizing it to India at the cost of national image...what hell with you..

I am curious really , why there are so many men thirty for sex to push them to commit a huge crime . I heard several indian men were hauled for court and sent to death penalty not long ago .  if I need sex , I would rather buy it than be a criminal .I speculate people's sex must be suppressed in India . Sorry , that is my stereotype , you may correct me . People are easy to cratch the superfical phenomenon for the undermining problems . You may legistrate more strict law and enforcement of these codes in the society  . You can punish those gang raper more serious punishment . The question is if the problem is really fading out . The truth is if you do not solve the problem from the soul of people , it is hard to get rid of the problem . But if you can reverse the position of women and change your vision to sex , I reckon there will not be so many gang rape cases in India.



hey you are totally wrong..
i am not trying to be a ROAD RAMBO
i think you are living in 19th century
this is 21st century..
and NEWS are as fast as speed of light..
everybody know about India.
don't take it otherwise....
thanks for your comment.



Ignorance is not at all fullstop for the rapist,

they will do whatever they want.

i think main prob with Indian sex ratio.

Males are more then Women.

see the  sexratio graph og Haryana..

you might get hardly few girl child there.

Infanticide  of girl child is biggest prob in India.


@Doris Day Δωρίς


Indian Rituals and Culture is very rich,

we respect our elders and grands..

if Indian Govt will give freedom to teenagers to do anything they want then it will me blunder for India.


Maybe that is a cliche for you ,but I believe the kernel of this problem lies in the mind of people all the while , that is to say , you have to change people's mind about sex to the ground  . Sex is supposed to be a joyful thing instead of deprivation from another woman or violence against the other victim . So as a consequence ,Sexual education should be grounded for your young generation. I cannot see there is anything urgent than this  . Besides , I do not know if it is feasible to allow men to be able to buy sex in your country .  Still I believe , more open will be beneficial for thirsty men .





here another jacki chan showing staunt. there is dead donkey in ur plate n r u telling about our plate dead house fly? there more rapes in communist china than other world but rowdy communist censor the media n world dont know it, chinese rape victims dont have voice n it is suppressed, its like double rape. your china is dark room. you forget "Nanjing Mass Rape"? (2lakhs chinese girls rapes)? did commist gave those girl justification? we have independent media and strongest media in the world. we r not communist to kill people like animal by harsh punishment, we respect all lifes..who killing n raping more in Xinjiang? our judicial is more strong than yours.


there are rapes in india but not that much n not increasing. acording to our population it looks more but proportion is same.  Netherland has 1 rape for 100 people then we have 10 rapes for 1000 people. 


and our media is strong. they speak loud for our sisters, hence this image attached to us, but we must proud to that "India leading nation in the women empowerment in the world" chinese girls n other nation lagging behind here. unlike west women r not sex slaves, don't have social respect n security(more divorce) in our society because there men marry n divorce. unlike western women indian women has lot Social respect n security  but only few bad people this bad work. 

hence india as always great nation n remain great. 


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