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Camp leaders! need your help!

Hello, Dear Colleague!

My name is Julia. I’m an English teacher in Russia. Next year I am to organize a language camp for children and teenagers in winter and in summer. I’m lacking for good resources of interesting authentic activities. Sport, intellectual, board and any other kinds of games, quizzes that typical American/British children play and have. If you could help me with any ideas I would be really grateful and happy to cooperate! Let’s add friends!



Hi Julia,


Please take a look at the link below they have some great ideas;


They even have ideas for rainy days :)





Nicky, thank you SO much! It's really helpful.

Sing songs around a camp fire with guitar . That is so romantic and impressing for your children . The only problem is you have to find a singer who can play guitar .

A great board game to play that relates to language is Scrabble. Another good game is Pictionary, or Guesstures. As for sports it really depends on what the camp is set up for. 

Thank you for your help. I greatly appreciate it.

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