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help me please !!!!

is it healthy for a person to want to compete ??



well, it depends. As a lot of things in the life the results depends of a lot of things. I will give you an example. Knives are made to be used in the kitchen but some people could kill somebody with a knife. Does it mean knives are bad? no, in the same way the result of being competitive depends of the way you take it. If you take it in a bad way, at the end it will be bad. And if you take it in a good way, at the end it will be ok.

that is a neutral point of view, in my own point of view the only competition that must matter, is the competition with yourself. to do the things in the best way you can do it and to compete with yourself. I think to compete with yourself is very healthy.

To compete in formal games is a great way to build physical and teamwork skills. I do not think that comparing yourself to others outside of such games is a healthy thing. It is better to compare yourself to a standard that applies to a certain area of activity. Then, if you want you can compare another person or persons to the same standard. That is a more sane way than to compare yourself to another directly.

That is a good question to the point of human ambition , well done . To compete with someone and win a victory is not bad , while, you have to look through your ability or tolerance . You had better know there is no free meal all the time . Competition often costs you lots  . Not everyone can take every  challenge ahead and there are so many various hurdles too difficult to overcome  . So as a consequence , I would suggest you compete with yourself , your mind, your personaility and your resilience . There are so many people who are far more competent than you . You can not excel most of them by any means . It is impossible to compete with those podigies  . You have to check what you have and the destination you care heading to prior to your intentional competition .


Competition can be valuable, as long as it does not become forceful. Competition can be a great stimulus to keep one going foward and to focus on certain goals one wants to achieve. But also one has to ponder, if a challenge or competition is worth to fight for it and secondly if it is doable for oneself. If one struggles competitions to big for him/her it becomes stressful, backbreaking and in last consequence unhealthy.

You can use competition as a source of energy to achieve certain goals, but at the moment you feel it becomes unhealthy remember you can always step back from competition, because the first person you have to account your actions to, is yourself.



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