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Tips for the beginners who want learn Thai language

Here are the tips I think they would work for you guys. I'm writing these tips from my experience of being a speech therapist and the way to learn english i've been using to improve my english. I hope they would be useful for you guys. ^^


The First Tip


" Tune Your Ears to Thai Language "


The very first important thing for learning any language is to get use to the tonation and rhythm of the language you are learning. Before you can speak any language you should be able to distinguish the target language from others and know the distinctive feature of it. For anyone who have has never heard or rarely listen Thai conversation, you should start off by going to any source which provide video of Thai language such as YOUTUBE. It doesn't matter if you don't understand at all at in the fist time because the goal is "to tune you ear to what you hear". If you feel this is boring because you have no idea what they are speaking , it's ok to open your language subtitle. This will especially help you in pronunciation and listening skill in the future.


I will write the next tip in the a few days. Hope you guys enjoy learning. ^^  

By the way, I'm not good in English. It would be great if anyone can help me correct my wrong spelling or funny gramma. Thanks


see you soon!




The Second Tip


"Start with the single word not sentence"

The way I'm teaching you might be different from others. For anyone who used to learn Thai, you would be tought in the whole sentence. For example, you would be tought to say "นี่คืออะไร" ("What is it?) to ask someone information about what you are looking at. But this way of leaning would be difficult to understand the "individual word meaning" and easily to forget so I would like to recommend you to say just only single word which has meaning by itself and use gestures to make it more complex. For example, If you want to ask " นี่อะไร " (What is this?) ,you just say " อะไร "(what) and point to the thing you what to know its name. I know It might look awkward but it works! You will be able to communicate even if you know just single words but you can use all of them in the real situation. Moreover, knowing an individual word meaning is the very basis of create your own sentence.


The next tip will be about "what word group should be learned?" 

If you guys have any comments or ideas, don't hesitate to share! I'm willing to hear and discuss with you. :-)

Thanks so much for your tips. I agree learning single words are easier and still allow you to communicate in the real world. I watch lots of Thai lakorns and my vocabs grow from there. Now I can understand quite a lot of words from the lakorns and sometimes even a few sentences! Ill continue and hope pill be able to speak it fluently one day. 


by the way, I have great difficulty in written Thai. I attempted learning the alphabets but gave up after 3 letters since they all look the same and the pronunciation doesn't work when the letters are combined into words... Please help!

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