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which is the world richest man




The world's richest man is someone who doesn't need money to be happy.







I am not the wealthiest person , but I consider I am the richest man in the world as I am highly satisfied with my fortune and life .

Thanks . great answers


financially, I guess the man named Carlos from Mexico(if I'm not mistaken).  But it depends on how apeopl person define what riches mean for him or her.

The richest person in the world is the happiest person in the world and that person is surely in no contact with the "civilisation" as we know it. 


i agree with you

I know people who have met the world's second richest man, Warren Buffet.  He owns a modest home and drives a modest car here in my hometown of Omaha, Nebraska.  Warren Buffet is a humble man who doesn't like to flaunt his wealth.  I admire him because he takes care of the shareholders of his companies, and he has shared his financial wisdom and wealth with thousands of people.  :)

A person who is respected in the whole community and earn alot of blessings, respect and love is the richest men in the world.. Enjoy the present moment. Accumulating wealth for tomorrow is a waste because tomorrow you will die. This is a certainty. No one has been seen that managed to take his material wealth with him. there is a quote said by a holy man "God, give me so, so much wealth, that my community is fed.. I don't remain hungry, the monk does not go hungry" :)

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