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learn another language


To learn English I use “face2face” computer program (I got in internet, free download). Do you use same software to help you to learn another language?



I think the keypoint to learn English on web is not related to softwares you are adopting . Regular pratice on a basis of fixed schedule would be the critical problem in my vision . You may use any softwares you like , but you have to see if your partners are used to such a software . A favorable portable software is a good way to dissolve the gap between either side. There are skype portable version on the internet you can take it .

I use Fluenz, and have the French and German softwares. They are quite a bit of money but not as expensive as Rosetta Stones and I have learned ALOT in just a short amount of time with Fluenz German. I am a little sick of people bashing software programs. I know it is now the only way to learn a language and you still have to incorperate other methods if you really want to speek to\he language, but I don't regret my decision in purchasing one.

I prefer to use online dictionary to check if my sentence or words are right . Web-based softwares or sites are my preference as I can take it anywhere with any PC .

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