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How To Live Happily



stop looking it in the opinion of others, they will talk you in the thinks they consider happy. I think that is a stupid question. Anyway, don't look for it in the opinion of the other people. the life is not completly happily, we have bad and good moments. After understanding that, think for a while. what does make you happy? not what make happy the people, we all are different, but what does make YOU happy? think about it, and just do it more often. Try to do what you want today, the life is too short to wait.

thanks for your reply. i will enjoy my life  

Think for yourself and choose your own goals and purposes. Make progress along your purposes in ways that do not cause much, if any, consternation to others-- or at least would not cause them much consternation if they were fully rational.

focus on what you have done well, and what is the thing that you satisfied. Or you can think about the family and friends who love you. the important point is that don't make everything complicated, sometimes the simplest is the best.  :)       

At first , I suggest you make more friends and then you can talk with them . Talking with your friends can make your vision broader and optimistic . Do not stay in your house all day long and concentration on the frame of PCs . As for your destination for happiness, you have find the way to achieve it . No one can give you the absolute answer . Find the happy factors in your life and you will become happier.

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