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question, help me please

Today I have seen the slogan of KFC "It's finger lookin' good!" What does it mean? And why there is apostrophe in "lookin"?



The statement is trying to give a southern slang. We often speak like that in the southern part of America, where we cut down words such as licking being "lickin'" and fixing be "fixin'".  The apostrophe is really just hinting that this is a shorter versiion of the proper form. This statement is not proper Enlish. Like I said it is just how people of this region often talk. They don't usually spell like this when writing.


Anyways, the slogan is referring to when you are eating something so delicious and juicy that you lick the remains of the food off your fingers when you have eaten all of the food, because it is "finger lickin good."

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