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When I'll be able to say ... "Yes, I speak english"?

My trouble it's that today I learn one word or one expression, and tomorrow I'm sure that I won't be able to remember this word or expression!!!, besides , I have to think a lot before to speak or write something.
I think I'll never learn to speak good english. I'm sad!



Do not be discouraged, it takes a lot of work. It looks like you have already come a far way, so don't give up! What I do to help me remember a new phrase is by using flashcards. You can download a very simple program, anki, off the internet. I practice my anki daily, which does not take very long, to refresh my memmory of learning a language. Good luck!



learning languages is hard, especially english. But if you really need help to achieve your english learning goals, I am a professional teacher on italki that helps people like you. I can personalize a lesson for you too. But if I cannot help, there are language exchanges on here too to help you practice. Message me if your interested and Best wishes! 

well , about that . first you don`t need to be afraid of learning English all people face the same problem at the beginning of learning new languages .i`m learning French now and it`s not easy for me as English , i didn`t give up and i`m trying to improve myself . try to learn the words in sentences or situations also try to listen to movies , songs ....etc . if you use you`re all senses you won`t forget them . and try to try as much as you can .

best wishes 


Your frustration is but yet a process of learning English . You are not a native speaker so you are not assumed to be set the same standard as native speakers  . Everything will go through as long as you keep practice over and over again . I consider you can see your progression . Tomorrow would be better than today . Is it right?

Flashcards are really useful. Another great way to remember new vocablary is to learn the word in a sentence. That way you remember the word and have a situation you can use it in :)

Good luck! 

That is not a problem.The begining is very difficult for everyone.Just try to calm down and enjoy learning English.

Thanks to everyone for your advice and encouragement.

And Brent!, I would really like, but at the moment I can't.

No le preoccupes, Veronica. We're all learning languages here. I agree with Katrina. Use physical flashcards or software flashcards like that of Anki. (Here's the website: I am currently learning German, Spanish and French. Learn at your own pace and never compare yourself to others progress. Disfruta el proceso de aprendiendo! Ya te sigo. Puedo ayudarle en Ingles asi puedo practicar mi Español contigo. Escribame. Buena Suerte! 

Thank you Matt, for your advice!!

How much time you think does it take to learn english very well ???

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