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Dogs are real friends

hey everybody,


      just tell me which breed of dog u like the most or Why????




you are absolutely right alex....

I don't care about breed as long as they are dogs and they act as a dog.

I prefer to feed bigger dogs rather than smaller dogs ,  as in my impression , smaller dogs are easy to bark , too noisy to bear . To feed dogs can train your children more caring and considerate . The postive impact is overwhemingly against the negative impact ,like  drops , urine , smell ...and so on . I wish each child could have the opportunity to feed a dog .

Alexandra:  Excellent sense of humour!


Vishal:  I tend to prefer big and furry dogs.  Eg.  Great Pyrenees, Ovcharka.  They look so funny.  I like animals that are funny-looking and silly-looking.  ^_^



Our first dog was Luna,a pointer.She lived in our family for 13 years,and was very friendly with everyone.

Now we have Lupita,a border collie,who is obssessed with balls,she always wants you to throw her the ball,and immediately she brings it you back.And you have to throw her it again and again...

I don´t like small dogs,may be because we have roon enough, and a big garden.

Somebody ever said to me :"to raise a child is similar to feed a dog " . I do not know if it is the truth .


i also love dogs bcz they are so loyal..i had a pointer but he died with the ailment. He was my best friend i miss him wanna have Akita.

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