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are there real loves yet this days?



Yes, there is.

No love these days found in romantic books just

I think yes. There r still real lovers. Love is May be the only feeling that still exists in this cruel , full of violence world. May be it s naive of me. But I believe in love. love will live as long as we talk about it. Thanks :))

yes it exist.. everone have someone whom he/she loves truely in the whole life journey that is a universal fact that the whole world is binded by love..


Seems everything is already doomed, eve ryone was born, there will be a red line to you, the end of the red line connected to that person, in this life is keep going forward this red line, when this red line all received palm, will fall into the person's arms. 


I think the real love is predestined after your birth  . It goes everywhere around  you . However, you have to learn how to identify and grab it. There is scarce chance to grab it . . It matters how you  formularize your life , and then you will find your true love  . I do not wish unpractical love  , instead I would rather heed people around me than love . Love is such a heavy burden that I do not dare to promise .

Love is stupid.  :(

Yes my friend real love does exist.  

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