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do you like talkative or quiet people?

do you like talkative or quiet people?




Well said Alexandra.

Alexandra:  That's funny.  I have seen many idiots.


M.A.L.K.:  I prefer people to be succinct.  I can't stand it when someone spends two minutes talking about something that can be said in ten seconds.  There is a Chinese paradox that roughly goes like this:  "those who talk don't know, and those who know don't talk."  I think the question is not so much whether the person is talkative or reticent, but whether the person is an idiot or not.  I prefer the latter.  ^_^

I have little different opinions from people above . We all know it is important to know when to speak and when to stop . We do believe the wise words lie in when , what , and how . I have to admit it is cruicial for our commincation or exchange your mind with some other people . But unfortunately , some other people are not so wise as your expectation .


For those elderly or vulnerable people , most of them are not so wit and agile as young men . I would rather they are more talkative than quient or silent . I hope they can speak more to younger generation or their offspring . Then , I would be a good listener if I am not so busy and I can bear their ponderous preaching. From time to time, to be a good listener needs higher skill for communication . nonetheless , I am still bothered by momi's weary teaching ...., Still , I am a human being .


But if you were a young man , please , DONT , be a talkative momi .




very good opinions

^^^Yes you are right the most important is the content


I completely agree with Alexandra and Markus. I personally cannot stand small talk, especially if the conversation goes nowhere.

Saren me too agree with them

Soren & Markus:  I don't particularly enjoy chit chats, but unfortunately in North America, you are perceived to be unsociable if you don't engage in small talks.  This is particularly so in corporate or business events, where you are supposed to socialize with people you don't know well.  That is how you build your professional network.  And the fact is, "it is not what you know, but who you know, that gets you the job you want."

it depends upon my mood.

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