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How do you feel about the rain (in you city)?



i feel amaizing in rain.. like to walking and singing in the rain.. it always attracts and somewhat looks like love is falling with drops.. and after rain it is very amazing to see the rainbow :) 

EveryOne wants happiness, No one needs pain,
But its not possible to get a rainbow Without a little rain


we never like the rain here coz everytime it does  disaster comes after it.

I dislike big rainfall , as the mudslide goes after the rain as usual . Yet, little rain can be so sweet . The weather would not be so hot .  Walking on the street in rainy day is fascinating , but I am not a poet .

Rain is my favourite! Whenever I see the grey clouds covering the sky, I get excited and start to hope for rain. It's refreshing, cleansing and leaves everything smelling fresh. 

Rain hides all those bright colors, darkens the skies, darkens the world. It makes me think darker, and i feel different, I see the beautiful scenery. Rain can be very interesting once you get to enjoy it by feeling it and seeing it, when you feel the power that it has, it can destroy and it can help or even create.

Not mentioning the smell and the chilly feel on your skin when it falls on it. Simply...... Beautiful.

I love rain without severe wind especially at night i spend romantic nighr for me

I love the rain, and definetly don't assoiate it with anything dark and negative. I live in the desert and rain is always welcome. I also like lots of clouds, it makes the sky look wicked. Also, I am very excited when I get to see a rainbow after a good rainfall.

I love storms, I love those moments when the skies seem to be crashing down, thunders echoing, lightning shining against darkness when it´s night. 

I also feel relaxed when it rain as I´m in restaurant enjoying a meal with somebody; or the sound of drops of rain as I´m falling asleep. 

Rain is perfect!

I love thunderstorms, and when it's raining heavily, and raining slowly. :)

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