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What type of business would you like to start?




If I had the money I would love to start an assisted living facility.  A place where older people could feel comfortable and well taken care of.  Either that or a small bakery.  The problem is I'm not a very good baker.

Real estate

If I had enough money I will to  open an amusement park. then i can invite child to paly .i love the child .they are naive and pure .

That is a good question for me . In my young age, I would choose the most lucrative startup to run  . To earn more money was my first priority to take . No matter how hard and weary this business is , I would keep running as long as there is a big fortune in there . I would not care too much about my health , my time and my life quality . For me , those were too far to consider . Furthermore , I would not pay much attention to my family or my friends . They cannot earn money for me according to my knowledge when in my young age .


But at present , time have totally changed my mindset and I have turned around for my prospective life .  I would rather choose a joyful and exotrovert work for my self . I can enjoy more time in my jobs and I can share my precious value with my clients instead of cubicle jobs . I would rather leave more time to be with my family and friends . They are the most precious jewellery to my life . People who can enjoy their lives in their work  are the happiest . Travel writers could be a proper job for me as far as I can conceive right now. As for your choice , you have to take all circunstances into your consideration , then you can select a favorable option for your future . Anyway , An appropriate starup for you is very important over the following years  . Do not rush to select an inappropriate one

A awesome gym for all strength athletes (not just bodybuilding)...close to a Mc Donalds which makes extra large Big Mc Chicken meal deals... 

I'd start a crematorium near Kelly's assisted living facility

i will start busines with build that factory,,, and i will produce happines,,,, so, half of people in the word will be my costumer,,,,

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