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East Borneo,

Are you know East Borneo Island ?
and what do you think about it?





Why do you call it East Borneo?  There is only one Borneo island.  Are you referring to the eastern part of the island, ie. Sabah?



yes I think so,
only one borneo island,
but in borneo island any much region, like East borneo, south borneo,  north borneo, west borneo,
and central borneo,
and I want youre opinion about east borneo ?


Of course, I knew it so well. I once lived in Balikpapan city for almost 3 years. I even still memorized the inaugural song of Balikpapan :D. It such a beautiful city and more gorgeous than West Borneo. I would love to visit it again someday^^. 

Fitria : really, you ever lived in Balikpapan City,
are you know Penajam Paser Utara regency?

Yup, I've been there. I visited Penajam on my first week in Balikpapan. I remembered we have to crossed the river toward Penajam and we used small boat called 'Klotok'. The sounds of the boat very noisy, but it was not a big deal..I really enjoyed it.. :D


Where is this ?(yah kahan he)

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