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learning the Chinese mandarin

I received a few advises regarding learning Chinese and I followed them. Today I start the process of memorizing and the journey of confusion has started accompanied with scary ideas about me failing to learn the language. I wish I can find someone who is willing to give me some time every few days- upon agreement- to talk to me in Chinese




Do you konw Liyang who is a teacher advocate learning English to say it out loud.I think we should learn to speak Mandarin as him .

Why not have an English-Chinese language exchange between us.

Bryant: no i don't know him.


lion : yes i would love to do , we can arrange , i don't know how many hours between us -  ohio and china ?

I am personally curious as to how are you are coping with it.  I wonder how it is like for someone to learn Chinese.  :P  Do you have difficulty memorizing how to write the characters?  Or how to say the characters in the right tone?

today was my first lesson and i didn't yet start to memorize the characters , i just start to memorize the the tones and some words . gosh i do think that it is a difficult language , it is very far from english and arabic languge :(

To learn Chinese is no easy task if you want to master and sophisticate the old language . Before your masting the language , You have to learn to recognize so abstruse characters and its grammar looks so loose that hard to organize . But yet, To learn Chinese can be an easy task and fasicinating experience in your lifetime , As its pronunication is not so aerial , so you can read and speak in the beginning of learning . The Chinese grammar is not complicated as opposed to German . Moreover, as most people know , there are numerous people who can speak Chinese and happy to share their language . It would be easier for you to seek out potential language partners to practice Chinese with you . You may as well make friends with Chinese and I guess those friends would be another incentive to your learning Chinese.



thanks allen , appreicate it :)

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