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한글날, how to celebrate?


오늘 한글날, 축하 해요!
Today is Hangul day, congratulations! :)

What is happening in Korea on Hangul day? How do you celebrate this achievement?



Wow, It's late to answer but, Thank you:)


In Korea, held various events in Gwuanghwamun square. Like writing favorite phrases of own and hanging it on big walls..

And the most popular Korean internet searching site Naver offered many informations about Hangul day. And released a new Hangul font.


In some schools teachers gave students assignments to invesigate about it.


And finally, It was not a holiday, so far.

But this time Korea made Hangul day a national holiday.


When I lived in Seoul we always celebrated Hangul Day with ... (drum roll) ... soju!!  건배!

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