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Have you heard of NARUTO or ONE PIECE of Japanese comics?

Both of them are very popular among people.

But everytime I go to abroad,there are more people who likes NARUTO than ONE PIECE.

If you like NARUTO or ONE PIECE, what do you think of that?

It is very curious for me to know.

I like both,I cannot decide which is better.





I really enjoy reading the manga. Awesome story!

Not sure about One piece, I havent seen it.


Sorry, but it's so hard for me to contiue in Japanese as I still lack vocabulary and I will make a lot of grammatical mistakes.


For me, I love both, but I love onepiece more. Actually all my brothers love onepiece more " I think". One piece is so fun. Almost all the characters are funny be it Luffy, Zoro, Chopper or even Nami. Not only the main characters, but also some of the villains are also funny. Love it. Naruto however, is so serious and dicusses deeper things, like having a mass destruction weapon to help promote peace or forgivness to stop the endless wars or taking revenge.These things are so contoversial and no way there will be one right opinion about it. 

For short, you can say that onepiece may lift up your sprit when you're down and sad, but Naruto stimulate your brain to think about these conterversial issues through the composer's imagination.

Both are awesome.

I like both, but I have to say I like Naruto more. I will admit, I haven't read as much One Piece as I have Naruto, but it seems One Piece is good for talking about and appreciating friendship and comradery. Naruto is good for believing you have the strength to take care of everyone and everything you care about; or the strength to change the world. Also, there are so many viewpoints in the show that it's hard to side with only one. Even the worst villians like Obito or Madara have their reasons for doing what they want to do. I cannot call them wrong, and in some ways I understand them. I think these are the main reasons why that manga captures me so.

I like both of them! ^^, When it comes to the plot of the story Naruto is better but when it comes to adventure and humor One piece is the best.

I prefer one piece!!!!!




中华一番 is my favorite. both you mentioned two are very popular among China

Thank you for answering my question to all of them^^


Kai,私もNARUTO大好きです!I recommend you ONE PIECE too!


Ahmed,ありがとうございます。元気です^^Right. ONE PIECE has a lot of characters who have cheerful nature.NARUTO is also awesome in terms of thinking deeply for example about wars,revenges,or something like that.Thank you^^


Chris,great!Even though vlillans have their purpose which is not unreasonable.We are impressed by reading and  are stimulatedaren't e?^^


Doris,yes, both of them are great.Like you said it is important to see many aspects of the story,then it leads you which you prefer.


katya,you prefer ONE PIECE to NARUTO.Characters of ONE PIECE always tell a joke and I like it!




Мария,wow,then NARUTO reminds you of your childhood,right?It sounds good!


John,I've just heard of chuukaichiban.Both are popular inn China too?Very nice.



Both of them are very famous here in Indonesia... But for me, One Piece is the best^^! :D

Fitria,are both of them famous in Indonesia too?^^I'm surprised and feel happy.I like ONE PIECE too!

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