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English name

I need a good English name, don't be too common, everybody to help please



Alice is a beautiful name...


I think.It's too common

 Do you want a modern name or a traditional name? A more American name? Something that is easy to say? What is your chinese name? Maybe you could use some of the sounds in that to help you pick one.

My chinese name is 林晓燕,And I hope my English name sounds similar to my Chinese name, the name, will be sounds good, but not too common, length doesn't matter


It's pretty, and sounds somewhat similar to your Chinese name. It's not that common either.

I see what you mean, but I need an English name because my work, I have a lot of foreign customers, so my boss said that everyone must have a English name.

I agree with Markus: you don't need to get an English name.


But if you really want one, what about Cheyenne? It's not very common, and it sort of sounds like 晓燕.

OK.Thank you everyone to comment

Charlotte Leann

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