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Do you believe in falling in love at first sight?

Do you believe in falling in love at first sight?


And do you think that kind of love lasts for a long time?



Hi Clare,


 One must have an attraction first, this will be the:  'Love at first sight' :)


Once you know the person well... It can either be stronger or weaker.


u know till last week i had belived on it , but now , no !

love at first sight is really amazing and beautiful thing in world but it couldnt cantinue for long time because logic always is blowing up that  :(

Not really, I need to know someone before I fall in love. You can feel attraction at first sight, but love.. hardly.

Certainly no love is the set of common feelings and emotions he/she cannot adores other just after he/she knew each other and this relation comes only through pre-communication

Yes because it's a beautiful idea. But I think it rarely happens and it's not for everyone. I once heard of a Korean movie star who proposed to his wife only a few minutes after meeting her and she accepted. And she was his dentist or something.

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