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Do you like your own calligraphy?

Is still calligraphy teached in your primary schools?


Do you think is right to teach it?



My handwriting is terrible as hell! Even my mathematics teacher at school put me bad marks for my handwriting and not maths! Computers are a great invention, which lets me not to write things on paper, though if I need to write something down, at least I can understand what I have written.


But handwriting reflects your character, so if I have a terrible handwriting, I should change my character first, but it is not an easy task!

To Dmitry, I have also an ugly handwriting and I am also grateful that I can use my computer. I do type faster that I write with a pen on paper. .. And graphology must be an interesting subject :)


To Ayad, as in your country, in Italy it is not taught anymore thus it would be better if at least there were some lessons of it. I work with small pupils but I have the same your problem :)

Yes, I do :) In the primary school we used to write with special pen (Qalam) made by cutting the dried plant stem (reed) with a knife. There was special black dried crystal like ink which we used to dissolve in water in the inkpot. We used to apply wet grey coloured clay on our wooden boards and letting it dry. Then we used to write on the board with the black ink. We tried to write as beautiful as we could. There were calligarphy competitions. The boards were later washed out to be used again.

This is what I just wrote using a calligraphy pen (welcome italki in Urdu/Persian language - not a very good quality, I wrote it in haste :)

A wikipedia article about "Qalam" 


I took a calligraphy class in secondary/high scschool. It actually improved my handwriting.

To Nacir, thank you very much for your comment. How interesting your description is! A fragment of your memory that enrich my immaginary about "calligraphy world". The wikipedia link was perfect for understanding! Your handwriting is really beautiful, I can't believe that you wrote it in haste :)


To Soren, I wish I could have taken a calligraphy class as well :)



I took training on handwriting in school when I was in the first grade, I think it can improve handwriting, but is the talent from God

To M.A.L.I.K, sure that any talent we have is "given" :) ... but as you said, to improve is humanly possible.

I agree strongly with Dmitry.  I feel sorry for whoever has to read my handwriting.  Having said that, I think handwriting is not only a reflection of the writer's personality, but also mood.  When I write to someone I like, I write so much neater that it is almost unlike me.  And when I write because I am obliged to, oh boy, it is like the footprints of a drunk chicken.  >_<


Elisa:  To answer your question, yes, it was taught in my school.  I was in a Chinese school in Malaysia.  As for whether it is right or not, I think you mean whether there are benefits or not.  Yes, it is good to learn calligraphy, because it is like meditation where it trains you to control your mind (sort of ties in to what Dmitry said about the writer's personality).

To Wanchain, yes, you are right handwriting reflects mood and also  when I am tired it becames all "angular" while when I am rested is more round.

I never thought to calligraphy as a tool for self control, but you are right, it can be. Thank you for your comment :)))

Thanks Elisa,

I mean I could have written better if I had given it more time. I wrote it a with metallic calligarphy pen. You know, you can always make things better :)

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