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Let's talk about afterlife. Do you believe in afterlife?

Do you believe in afterlife? Is there any other immaterial world beyound our material world?

What is the advantage and disadvantage of believing in afterlife?






I believe in reincarnation and the power of our subconscious mind. I believe that life is eternal. Our soul after leaving our current physical body will inhabit another physical body. I think that we can become, for instance, an animal. The whole universe is energy after all. There is lots of evidence in quantam physics that everything is energy. That's why, it is so important to pay attention to what and how we think because we are the creators of our own life. :)


One of the advantages of believing in afterlife is the fact that you are not afraid of death. ;)

I don't believe in afterlife but i think, after our dead our spirit leave our body and become something who is inexplicable for human. 

I only believe the life now! No matter last life or after life. Now it is more important. Doing something good, it is good the life now and after.

We all have one single goal in life: to be AWESOME! 


We keep reincarnating until we achieve awesomness and be in the eternity of the present moment!

Brother, I'm muslim, there's only one thing to believe in. We're all waiting for Jannah, in shaa Allah! :D


i believe that there's ressurection day where all the humans will gather in one place and some will be punished and some will live an eternal life in paradise and there won't be another death



What's the point of living if it's not going to go on and on and on and last forever? - I really don't get that question. Why does something have to last forever for it to have meaning?


I would say a disadvantage is that you don't appreciate this one life, you put things off, surpress your desires. You live for another life and not this one. 



We will never die!

1- We have not decided to be created out of nothing, in Earth, in the Milky Way galaxy, as a human (man or woman), beautiful or ugly, ....

2- we don't decide when/where we die.

3- One day if we arise from dead as the first awakening to life, most probably we will not able to ask why we raised from where we lie.



Yes, I believe it exists. I believe the world we are in now is not the only world. I believe there is dualism of the universe (temporary, eternal) because everything is created in pair for the purpose of balance. Immaterial world such as talking energy (ghost?, spirit?, genie?) now becomes the subject of scientific studies. We the people of faith believe life after death is not a dream but absolutely true for justice because we are homo sapiens and have the responsibility in everything we did. Thus, criminals (the outlaws) will not be able any more to escape from judgment and punishment.

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