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Becoming Fluent in Spanish

I've been working hard to become fluent. I have to say that I have been a little discouraged lately. Es muy difícil! Why can't it just be easy? If I had spanish speaking friends it would be easier. Anyway, I'm going to keep trying hard.




Do you have any Spanish language partners? I'm not fluent yet, but a good chunk of my progress is thanks to Skype sessions with italki tutors (paid) and language partners (free). Highly, highly recommended!

I'm Dani from Barcelona, me too want to find a partner of english, my email is and my skype is danicp14


It is just hard work and yes, it helps if you are naturally talented with accents and have a good memory. But it is mostly hard work.


When I first started Spanish, it was very hard because it was the first foreign language that I ever learned. But after thousands and thousands of hours spent practicing it (About 6,600 roughly so far and counting), a formal degree in it, and some somewhat lengthy 100% immersion experiences abroad, every day I'm amazed at what I don't know. And retention is hard. But with just 1,000 hours, you can reach a solid level. After that, every little bit of improvement takes exponentially more time and effort. Good luck!


I understand how you feel with being discouraged. I find a technique that works well for me, but it is just a way. Not the perfect way, but an uplifting way. If you have a beginner's knowledge of Spanish and understand the basics then go back to what you know and quiz yourself. You'll find that not only will you reinforce what you know, but you'll also boost your own moral since you already know what you're quizzing yourself on. Then throw in a new word or two in between as you're quizzing yourself with what you know and there you have it. Like I said before, this is something I have learned to do and it helps me to reiterate what I have learned while learning some new vocabulary. Happy language learning!

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