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Deutsch ist kühl!



So I've learnt German for three years back in high school. I'd like to think I was quite good back then but due to lack of practise since being in college, I forgat most of what I knew which is a shame. Nowadays I started to go to a language course again and in order to improve my poor German even more, I'm looking for people who I can practise German with! I can offer you Turkish to retun the favor or help you improve your English if needed!


Vielen Danke!!!






Hallo Melis wir können Deutsch reden auf Skype oder Schreiben auf Italki, was präferiert du?  Mein Skype Name ist Jeroen_vm.  


Grüßen Jeroen

ich bin deep..teach me skype id is "deep singh "

Some corrections: 

Deutsch ist Cool - kühl bedeutet ein bisschen kalt!, forgot!

Vielen Dank or danke sehr - Dank is a noun (der Dank), danke is a conjugation of the verb "danken" (ich danke).

It is not a shame to forget a language which you don't speak. It is a normal phenomenon.

Good luck with your German.










Hello i can help you in english .i am learning turkish here you can help me in turkish thanks

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